Can-Asia Education Council: About Can-Asia



  • Our team of counsellors are very well trained on the product and are fully aware of the eligibility criteria of all universities and colleges in Canada and thus are able to give accurate advise to the students at all times. The counsellors help the students short list the universities/colleges and programs that they should apply to given their academic scores and ?nancial position. Our counsellors are very well trained on the product and can guide the students accurately on the eligibility criteria so that the student do not waste their time and effort.


  • Our team assists students in making accurate applications to the universities/ colleges of their choice after ensuring that they meet the admissions criteria fully. Our of?ce is trained to follow up applications regularly so that the students are not put to any disadvantage.


  • The English language ability is a very important factor in the admission process and also re?ects the student's ability to keep pace with the intended program. Can- Asia understands this and hence has state of the art facilities for language training at all its of?ces. Our training facility is the Gold IELTS partner of both, the IDP and the British Council. Our language teachers focus on each student and keep the class room size small so that each student gets personalized attention and care.


  • Our expert team guides the students on essential pre requisites for the procedure increasing the chances of success. They understand the procedures and speci?c requirements and guide the students accurately through the procedure.Can Asia boasts of having close to 100% visa success ratio. This success is attributed to the fact that we advise our students with honesty and integrity.


  • Most of the students who travel abroad for higher studies have never travelled overseas. Most of them rely on friends and associates to assist them on arrival and get lured to give priority to working over studies. Our team prepares students for success by holding workshops on the following:

  • Personality Development

  • Soft Skills Training

  • The do's and don'ts of studying abroad

  • Resume preparation and interview skills for taking part time and full time jobs

  • Immigration and post study work permit regulations

  • Assistance in Canada.

    Our office in Canada is able to give legal assistance and guidance to our students on any issue in Canada.